Andrey Maltsev
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“I possibly spend more time looking at photography than I do actually taking photos. The shelves in my home have a lot of photography books. The work of the so-called guru photographers have always been a source of stimulation for my own photography.”

Andrey Maltsev was born in a quiet Russian town surrounded by deep forests and cold water. As a child, he trailed behind his father as he captured the landscape in watercolors.

After studying computer science and photography in Italy, he continued photography in Amsterdam.

For the past several years Andrey has been working as a freelance photographer in the Netherlands, mainly based in Almere, working on personal projects and collaborating with different international magazines.

His work has been published in, among others, Urban Planning and Economic Development Magazine (US online magazine).

Currently he is working on a project called Flowers in Black and White. This work documents the different flowers in two colors: black and white.