Andrey Maltsev
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Andrey Maltsev


JULY 3 - JULY 17, 2017

156 Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, AMSTERDAM, 1012 SJ

Opening reception: Tuesday, July 4th, from 6-8 PM at 156 Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.

Andres Cimas Painting Gallery is pleased to present Palangre exhibition with works by Andrey Maltsev.

Palangre consists of a collection of works dating from the 2014s to the present that feature simple gestures and concrete actions by artist who use a range of mediums including photography and performance. Andre based the show around the romantic myth of the pioneering spirit and the ideas of manifest destiny. He is fascinated by the flowers genre where there is an  undercurrent of propaganda of taking what God has ‘given’ you. Photos of flowers become both Romantic icons of conquest and allegories for man’s relationship with the environment.

Taken individually, or as a whole, Andrey’s photo return photography to both an earlier era, of the open eye, and a future moment, of high-technology. As camera’s are reduced in size and become ever more ubiquitous in today’s world, we are less and less likely in the rush of our lives to actually see what’s before us. Shooting using the ols middle format film camera, Andrey’s camera becomes a portal through which we can see the world as it is, a herky-jerky flux of unstable and random events, laced with old songs and new.

Andres Cimas, Paintings